Chinese Association of Greater Kalamazoo (CAGK), established in 1981, is an independent, 501(c)() non-profit, and non-political, non-religious organization registered in the State of Michigan.

The mission of CAGk is to promote and protect collective welfare and interests of its members by:

• providing community services in Greater Kalamazoo;

• preserving Chinese culture heritage among the Chinese Americans in Michigan

• facilitating US-China exchange in culture, business and education;

• advocating mutual understanding among different ethnic groups in Michigan communities.

While CAGK was founded by professionals living and working in the Greater Kalamazoo area, it has grown into a Chinese American community organization with members from all areas of the community.

As Michigan communities and businesses are becoming more diversified and global, the CAGK members are no longer limited to only people living in Michigan.  

Our members now can be living anywhere around the world.  Our membership is no longer limited to people with Chinese heritage, but open to everyone who agrees to the mission of CAGK.

With over 500 active members, CAGK is the largest Chinese American community organization in metro Kalamazoo. CAGK’s service and influence can be found everywhere in the Chinese American community as well as in other ethnic communities in metro Kalamazoo. CAGK actively promotes the image of Chinese Americans and their cultural heritage.  Over the years, CAGK organized professional seminars,  social and cultural events,  art performances, charity donations to unfortunate individuals in the community, the American Red Cross, and countries experienced natural disasters, and other community charity events such as the soup kitchen.  To cater to the needs of its members, CAGK offered membership services such as visa and passport services, tax/health care seminars, college forums, and sports tournaments.

CAGK also collaborated with other Chinese community organizations for the benefits of the Chinese American community.

At CAGK, we are proud to serve, to connect and to better our communities for tomorrow!




P.O. Box 42 

Portage, MI 49081-0042


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